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September 10, 2007

JoAnna and Matt’s Engagement Session!

I have a funny story that goes along with the images from JoAnna and Matt’s enagement session… We meet. We walk to the spot I choose first, I turn on the camera, give vague directions to JoAnna and Matt and the look down to set my camera. As look down, I see NO CARD! flashing at me from the back of the camera! OMG! So we troup back to the car, I search my camera bag for a random card, but no card do I find. I’d left all 10 of my cards on my desk at home, an hour away from the shoot location in Athens. I’m thinking, what am I going to do? We can’t just reschedule, I mean, everyone is here, JoAnna’s got cute hair and the lighting is perfect, what am I going to do!!?? Then I remember that my brother Griffin has cards that work in my camera and that he lives in Athens, works down the street from where we were and maybe, just maybe, he can bail me out! I calll him. Griffin is actually at home, on his way to work. Can you believe my luck? JoAnna, Matt and I walk like 8 blocks to the restuarant where Griffin works and he meets us there with cards! Yeah! So there is my funny (or not so funny) story! My favorite images from our session are below! Enjoy!!

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