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Newborn Session

August 8, 2008


A few years ago, when Mary Michael (M.M.) was a baby, I took this picture of Holly and M. M. that was so, so pretty.  Holly was in the bathtub, surrounded with bubbles, with newborn M.M..  M.M was asleep on her chest, making the cutest little image.  Since then, I’ve been trying to recreate it with anyone who would let me.  Lori was up for it and so we made plans to get together and see what we could come up with.  

Every time I’ve seen Avery in the last couple of months, he’s been asleep or sleepy, so I didn’t really think it would matter what time we decided to have the session.  Well, I was wrong!  Avery was WIDE AWAKE the whole time.  So much for the sleeping baby on Lori’s chest!  Oh, well, there is always another time…  On top of Avery be awake, I had Henry with me.  When Henry was content to sit and watch, Avery was fussing and vice versa.  Made for quite the session!
In the end I got a couple of cute/funny images in the bathtub and some cute ones of Avery on the bed.  Take a look:

At the very, very end, I had a case of the giggles and thought I should strip Henry and take this very silly picture.  Henry and Avery were born exactly one month apart, weighing the same, so every chance we get we like to see how much they grow in a month!

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