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September 24, 2008

Jenny & Avernus

Jenny and I go back a few years. She was part of Jeremy’s youth group for a while and we’ve always made a small effort to stay in touch. I ran into her at the coffee shop a few weeks ago and asked if she would be interested in modeling for me, as I’d not shot anything for the fun of it in ages.

Jenny has always been in love with her horses. She owns two horses (I think!) that she’s bought with her own hard earned money, and she works with them for 2-3 hours a day. I learned while I was shooting that she has wonderful plans to be a equine vet.

The day of the session finally came and we all dragged ourselves out of bed in the dark (5:30 am) to get ready to catch the sunrise. We lucked out — we had the most beautiful morning possible. It was cool and crisp and the light was just gorgeous. Caroline came with me, shot a bit of still camera as well as a bit of video. We hope to put together a sort of cool music video of the shoot. Stay tuned to see us in action!

Now to the images:

this one is focused on Avernus – i sorta think that Jenny looks cool out of focus

this is so Jenny; she is just so sweet!

caroline shot this; I couldn’t help but post it…

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