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November 5, 2008

Holiday Sessions – Nov. 1

Saturday dawned beautiful and cold.  My first session was with Jon, Regina, Mary Kathryn and Anna Grace, at the Botanical Gardens in Hartwell (I bet a lot of you didn’t even know that we had a botanical garden!).  And it was COLD!  But all were good sports and we turned out some excellent images!   

Heather, Steven, Sydney and Blake have been in and out of my life for 7 years!  How the time has flown! Heather and Steven worked next door/in the same building with me for two or three years, back when I had a studio on the square.  Our storefronts were where CVS now stands and each of us now work out of our homes.  
Our session went spectacularly!  Take a look at the images below:

Jennifer and Landon were next!  Landon was in a terrific mood and we had a great time shooting downtown.

And last, but not least, came my session with Jan, Nancy and Jordan. We went casual at the Skelton House.

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