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January 10, 2009

sweet potatos and asparagus

Henry and I had dinner with Logan and Erin a couple of weeks ago at Longhorn Steakhouse, where we ordered a couple different meals and shared them between the three of us (those of us that consume ‘real’ food!). While we were waiting for our meal to come, we exhausted Henry’s restaurant patience, so by the time our food was delivered, we was fussy, screechy and bored (bored being the problem!). During a stop at our table (I was walking Henry around), I grabbed a stalk of asparagus (it was the only thing I could pick up and walk with :-)) and Henry immediately grabbed for it. I thought, ‘what the heck, what can he do with it, he probably won’t like it’, and handed him the harder end piece. To our amusement, he loved it! When I tried to take it away to give him a fresh piece (I wanted to continue to eat, and he’d totally squished/mashed the piece he had), he screamed! While we finished eating, he went through 6 pieces of asparagus, screaming every time I replaced the piece he was working on with a new one.

Tonight, I made asparagus for myself (Jeremy does not like it) and thought I would see what Henry thought of it now, a few weeks later. As you can see from the pictures, he loved it just as much tonight as he did at Longhorns!

His cute bamboo bowl and spoon! Notice the half chewed/sucked on piece of asparagus.

Unfortunately, the asparagus piece was pretty short and you can’t see it, but he had it clasped tight!

We moved on to sweet potatoes for a minute…

Henry is into feeding himself. He looks for the food on the spoon and then puts it in his mouth. Pretty amazing!

He spotted me drinking and had to have some!

Wait! I wasn’t done yet! More water!

Don’t you just love how he holds the glass?

Back to asparagus…

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