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March 4, 2009

snowfall in march {crazy}

The weather people kept telling us that we were going to get snow on Sunday but I didn’t really believe them… Boy did we get snow! We still have snow on the ground three days later. And they are still predicting that it will be 70 degrees on Saturday — which I hope for because I’m ATTENDING a wedding and I want to wear fun, spring clothes!

We ventured out to Jerry’s farm to take some pictures; Henry wasn’t too big on all of the clothes he had to wear, so this get-up didn’t last very long…

Just long enough for Jeremy to take a picture of us and to the car we went so that we could strip down (just a little bit) and nurse for a minute.

This is the new get-up – the maya wrap – under my coat with a hat. He liked that a whole lot better!!

Everyone knows I must take a picture of my feet wherever I go…

The local Christmas tree farm

Our house!! So crazy, the amount of snow!

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