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May 22, 2009

Erica {bridal}

Last evening was a blast. Caroline, Amy and I met Erica and her mom Lisa at an old house in Comer to do Erica’s bridal session. I don’t get to do many bridal sessions any more; it seems the tradition of a bridal portrait has become slightly outdated. It’s a shame, really, because it’s a lot of fun as well as good practice for the day of the wedding. For example, Erica didn’t like how her hair was done, so she improvised by re-doing it herself. And, she learned that flowers are heavy (and not fun to hold for long periods) and so she might get a smaller, lighter bouquet to hold the day of. Oh, and who has two hours to play around getting ‘cool’ shots of just the bride on the wedding day? No one, that’s who! 

Oh, and this is SO exciting – Caroline and I came up with a cool idea for a Signature Print using engagement and bridal images. I’ll make a full post with that new idea/info!

Erica doesn’t want me to ruin the surprise of her beautiful dress, so you’ll have to wait on these images for a few weeks!



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