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June 22, 2009


Can I just tell you how guilty I feel about not taking ‘real’ 1 year pics of Henry?  He’s almost 14 months old.  I have plans, but I’ve not gotten around to doing it.  Everyday I watch him change and grow and think I should be better documenting his life, but somehow I find it difficult to photograph every moment as I want to live them with him.  Anyway, I WILL get some ‘real’ photos taken before too much more time has passed.  But for now, a few silly ones I snapped while we played at Grama’s.

I couldn’t resist the naked butt.  I mean how cute.

Doesn’t he have the cutest smile?  So genuine and happy.  A few people have told me to cut his hair because it’s growing over his ears, but I LOVE it that way.  I have plenty of time to cut it later, right?

Henry has been walking for about 8 months.  Some of that time attached to my finger (or anyone that would walk him about) and for the last few months all by himself.  I’ve bought three or four pairs of shoes but as you can see from the wear and tear, he likes his ‘cow’ shoes the best.  His favorite thing to do with them is to eat them, not walk in them.  I am super strict about not letting him eat them, but he tries every time.  Today we graduated from the ‘cow’ shoes to ‘frog’ shoes in a bigger size and I have to say I miss the ‘cow’ shoes 🙁



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