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July 28, 2009

Ryder {one year}

Hi All!  I’ve got to say that I’m finding it pretty cool and pretty scary how busy I’ve been lately.  I’ve had three new sessions schedule this week and the inquiries never stop 😉 To juggle all of this interest, I have to work hard to make sure I keep up with everything; all of the sessions that need to be blogged, all the sessions that need to be edited and uploaded, all that sessions that need to be backed up and stored or burned to DVD, and all the sessions that have just been shot and need to be downloaded and looked through.  All that, plus the bookkeeping, the emailing, the advertising, the facebooking, the keeping-up-with-the-current-trends, and not to mention my home life.  Henry doesn’t like it (AT ALL) when I sit at the computer.  I have to do it only when he’s asleep or away (which we all know is not very often :-)).  So, as I figure out how to juggle all of this new business, please be patient and know that I’m trying really hard to make my deadlines and to keep up with what’s new and hot.  Because if I get stuck doing the same old thing, I go crazy!  No one wants me to go crazy, right? LOL!

Now, to Ryder:

Thanks, T&J!  



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