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November 21, 2009


I’ve been wondering a lot lately about how to sell products.  I wonder why I don’t sell more.  I wonder if my clients don’t want the stuff that I offer or if I don’t sell the things I offer well enough.  Or if I’m trying to sell the wrong things.  It seems to me that all of my peers sell things.  All of the many talented photographers that I follow from around the country, they seem to be selling things.  I wonder where I’m going wrong.

Does anyone want to tell me?  Why do you spend lots of $$$ to have wonderful photos taken if you don’t DO anything with them?  Or are you doing something with the digital negs that I sell (I sell those about half the time)?  But what stops you from purchasing a lovely book with a TON of lovely images?  Or just a few Gift Prints?  Is it the cost?  Is it that I’ve not offered the products to you?  Or is that you’re life gets the better of you and you forget to do it?  

Just wondering… 

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