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February 8, 2010

To Henry

Hello, Sweet Boy.

Today you are 21 months old.  Today we are both sick and have been for three days.  Lucky for you (and me) we were at Grama’s for the last two days and you were allowed to drag everyone up and down the stairs.  For some reason, it’s your favorite thing to do.  When you’re upstairs, you need to be downstairs and when you’re down, you desperately need to be up.  And since Grama does WHATEVER you want her to do, it’s up and down all day long 🙂

You’ve grown out of all your clothes.  I thought I was pretty clever by buying things large last year and at the beginning of this year, but you still grew and everything is too small…  I went shopping with you and Casey the other day and on a whim asked you to try on a navy pinstriped blazer.  Casey and I thought it was ADORABLE and so did you!  You wouldn’t let me take off you!  When I tried, you just crossed your arms over your chest and ran off 🙂  So, needless to say, I had to buy it. My plan is to take some ridiculously cute pictures of you in it.

Everyone is still ‘Ma’.  Much to daddy’s disappointment; as he can’t wait to be ‘Da’.  You spend most of our days ‘uh, uh-ing’ me, telling me to do one thing or another.  I’m pretty good at translating, but I wouldn’t mind a couple of words, ok?  

Before you were born, I swore I wouldn’t have a house full of toys.  I KNEW then, that kids don’t play with toys.  But, somehow, we have managed to accumulate a house full of toys that you DON’T PLAY WITH!  You know what you play with?  The frying pans.  The rug flippers (better known as spatulas), raw potatoes and the vacuum  cleaner.  Oh, and Boo.  How could I forget Boo?  And the tiny tractor that cost $1.99.  Both Boo and the tiny tractor must travel with us whenever we go anywhere.  Other cars are good, but tiny tractor is better.

Last weekend you spent your first night without me.  I was worried that you’d really miss me and it would be terrible for you (and Daddy), but you did ok.  Daddy didn’t get much sleep, but you made it through!  It still amazes me that you love to visit with other people; that you don’t mind if I leave you to play with Grama and Grampa or Nana and Papa or Logan and Erin.   Everyone loves spending time with you.  You’re such a smart little man.  

NOTHING escapes you.  You can spot a tractor two miles away through the car window.  You can apply deodorant just like Daddy.  You can apply makeup just like me.  You can eat with a spoon and fork (with both hands, equally).  You really like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny.  You LOVE to eat noodles.  You love yogurt and carrots.  And broccoli and potatoes.  Couscous and fish.  Pretzels and Gold Fish.

There are a million other things that I would love to ramble on about, but you’re now awake and you have serious issues with me and the computer.  So, I’ll leave it as it is.

Lots and Lots of Love,


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