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May 27, 2010

rock throwing.

My life seems like it’s passing a little faster than I’d like it to, so Sunday, when I would have rather been sleeping or watching TV (yes, I was that tired), I suggested we go to the lake and throw rocks.  Spend a little time together.

Jeremy is an excellent rock skipper.  Henry and I had been to the lake with Amy and Caitlin, but Henry hadn’t yet had a chance to skip rocks with Dad, so off to the lake we went.

We had already been out, when the idea came to me, so I wasn’t prepared with my ‘real’ camera.  Instead, I took pics with my phone.  I thought they were cute; how about you?

It’s been so, so long since the water level has been so high!!  Isn’t it pretty?

Henry thought it was best to throw ‘big’ rocks.  See how he has to carry it with two hands?

Jeremy took over the ‘camera’ for the last couple of shots.  

Henry kissing Mommy 🙂



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