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June 5, 2010

Ginn & Matt {day-after session}

During this session, I decided to break out my Hassalblad and shoot some film.  I can’t even remember the last time I shot film at a ‘real’ session; it has to be several years ago.

I know I’ve mentioned that I was interested in shooting film and seeing the difference between what digital offers us today and what we used to use ‘back in the day’ 😉

I have to admit that I really enjoyed using my Hasselblad.  The square format and the manual focusing lenses make for a whole different type of photography, one that is very familiar to me and very different from today’s style of shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. 

This shot is sort of an inside joke. During their engagement session, we composed an image similar to this in front of the harbor in Charleston.  Much later, I learned that that image was one of Matt’s favorites. So, now this shot is a requirement 🙂

At most sessions, I try this exercise: To create gorgeous walking pics much like the ones that the very famous Jose’ Villa creates.  So far, I’ve not gotten anywhere close to creating what Jose’ Villa does.  But Jose’ Villa is an all film shooter, so I thought I should at least give it a try while shooting film.  I know the image out of focus/shaking, but I still really liked it.

Again, another joke.  At the wedding, I suggested this pose and it turned out so well, we did it again!!

I meant to mention earlier in the post, that you should be noticing a few things that are special to film.  One, that the 5 stop latitude (the brightness range and sensitivity) that film has is incredible compared to digital’s 2 stop latitude.  So, notice in the image below that the film was able to record detail in both Ginn’s dress and the bright trees behind them, where as digital wouldn’t have been able to do both the trees and the dress (you would have just been able to do one or the other).

Secondly, all of these color images are unedited.  I asked the lab to scan the film after processing, but that is it.

Caroline had to ‘fix’ this slightly, because as the sun was setting, I sorta underexposed the last half of the roll…  

Those were our favorite film pics 🙂  Pretty good selection from 24 images, huh?  Now, on to the digital…

At WWPI, I attended a seminar by Jesh DeRox.  He taught a few techniques on how to get real emotion from your clients.  Ginn and Matt are playing one of the games he suggested; I think the images are cute!

Leave me a comment; I’d like to know what you think of the film images!


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