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June 20, 2010

dear henry.

I’ve been meaning to put my thoughts and memories down for a couple of months now.  Every time we get in the car (and I can’t find anyone to talk to), I drive and compose a letter to you.  

I know I’ll not remember if I don’t write it.  The new baby will be born before we know it and we won’t remember what it’s like to have just you.  We won’t remember what it’s like to have the day revolve around you and only you.  And I know the moment the baby is born, we’ll all love it as much as we love you, but you are to young to remember the days that it was just me, you and Dad.

I want you to know that you are a delightful child.  Really, you are.  So quick to know exactly what’s going on.  So easy going.  So SMART, it amazes me almost constantly.  A few things that amaze me: 

You have Daddy’s sense of direction and at two-years-old know exactly where we are and where we’re going.  If I turn towards town and you think we should be going to Grama’s, you let me know that I’m going the wrong way.  Or if I tell you we’re going to Papa’s and I stop at Ingles, you want to know why.  

Your favorite book is this picture book that shows every kind of tractor, truck, car, and large machine.  Anyone can ask you were the Giant Excavator is and you’ll point it out.  Where’s the Airport Firetruck?  Where’s the Tiny Tractor? Every last thing has a big name and looks very similar to the other large piece of machinery. I promise I couldn’t have told you what any of those things were called!  Now, I know, though 🙂  Every where we go you point out tractors and trucks and bulldozers.  You can spot them a mile away!  And they put such a big smile on your face 🙂

Boy, can you eat!  You love most foods, which amazes most everyone, and I swear you eat as much as I do! A few of your favorite things: Noodles (with or without sauce), yogurt (preferably Greek), FRIES!! (only with Daddy or the made at home variety), corn on the cob (which is the cutest thing to watch you eat), smoothies, and JUICE!! (you chant for juice all day, but can only have it in the morning).

Your memory is amazing.  If we tell you to remember to tell someone something, you remember!  Or if you’ve been somewhere before and we go back, you remember exactly what we did the time before.  Like yesterday, Grama told you that we needed to tell Grampa that there were wasps and hornets making nests on the front porch.  As soon as Grampa came home from work, you started telling all about the wasps and hornets on the porch and how he should get rid of them!

A few things that I want to remember:

You love Shaun the Sheep.

You go to bed with me, cuddle for a minute, then roll over and just go to sleep.  Amazes me every night.

On our trip to Montana, you were such an amazing trouper.  Four different flights, long waits in the airports, long car rides, shopping, eating out.  And through it all, you entertained us.  Flying in a ‘pain’ and seeing buffalo and deer and elk in the ‘park’ was so much fun!

You can say most words now.  Everything is sorta called by the first syllable, but we know what you’re saying.  During our trip to Montana you got the hang of saying Caroline, which is a tough one and you’re version is so cute: ‘Chine’, it sounds like.

Every time I get my camera out, you look the other way; such a photographer’s kid thing to do 🙂  And I totally wish I was better at capturing pictures of ‘you’, and not just the funny faces you seem to make whenever the camera is out.  

I’m sure I have more to say, but I can feel the minutes ticking and I know you’re nap will soon be over 😉

Lots of Love,



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