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July 12, 2010

beach, day 1

Every year I think I’m going to blog about our beach experience, but I don’t.  Either the internet is stupid and inaccessible or I don’t get to do anything computerish while Henry naps (or I should say, I’d rather read a book or play in the ocean).  But today, I had to use the computer and this year we’re at Myrtle Beach, so the internet is normal and totally accessible 🙂

Last year, Henry was only 1 and his joy for the beach was zero.  It was hot and the walk to the beach was LONG and what does a one year old do at the beach, exactly?  Henry didn’t do much of anything.  This year, though, he COULDN’T WAIT TO GET TO THE WATER!  He kept calling it the ‘lake’ and wanted to visit it the moment we got here.  

Our condo is on the beach.  The walk is so short we don’t have to bring everything you’d ever want to the beach with us every time we go.  So, this morning we slathered on the sunscreen, put on the swimsuits and hats and loaded up our bag with towels, cameras and snacks, and headed out.  Henry was too cute 🙂

He and Aunt Shana making and promptly destroying sand castles…

my customary ‘feet’ pic — ignore the fact that I’m long over-due for a pedicure 😉

just in case I forget who and when we went to the beach.

these next two are of the boys ‘washing’ their feet 🙂  What Eli does, Henry does…

And the ever-growing belly…


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