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July 24, 2010

recycling & peaches.

Yesterday.  Henry and I hung out yesterday.  We cleaned, We showered. We played.  After the shortest nap Henry’s taken in a long time, we packed up and we ran errands.  Eerytime Henry hears me say the word ‘errand’ he thinks I mean ‘Erin’.  And he asks are we going to see Erin?  And Chi?  And every time, I wonder if there is a better word to use in place of the word ‘errand’.  

Our errands, today, consisted of the recycling center, where I let Henry ‘drive’ from station to station with me as we unload the car and throw our recycling.  While at the beach last week, Henry would walk by the trash and notice that someone had thrown away a coke bottle or water bottle and take it out and ask why??  Bottles are supposed to go ‘brruumm’ to the recycling center.  Isn’t that so cute??

Has anyone noticed how bloody hot it is outside?  Holy cow!!  You know it’s hot when your two year old immediately starts sweating.

After completing our ‘errands’, which consisted of more than just the recycling center, we came home and ‘played’.  Together we took pics; I’ve been wanting to try a self-portrait.  I’ve not ever really done a self-portrait and I think it might be fun 🙂  Here are the results:

In the middle of our photo shoot, I got a call from an angry client.  Have you ever been on the wrong end of someone’s frustration??  No matter what you say or do, it’s your fault and all they really want it to tell you off and ask for free prints.  Took me an hour to shake the feeling that I let someone down and that somehow, even though I know what he said wasn’t really right, I did something dreadfully wrong.

Cute story from dinner.  Henry and I became hungry really fast.  And the quickest thing I could think of throwing together was hotdogs (the good kind from Ingles – Colman is the brand) and some baked beans w/potato chips.  Usually, while we eat, I read something and let Henry do his eatin’ thing. Half way through things I realized that he was trying to scoop up his beans with his potato chips (like I do) and while he was getting a lot of bean sauce, not very many beans were making it on the chip and into his mouth. I suggested he use his fork to scoop up beans and then put them on the chip, then pick up the chip with his fingers and pop it into his mouth.  I showed how as I was talking and it always amazes me how he can copy me so effortlessly. Because he did just as I did, realizing, that fast, that it would better than what he was doing. He finished eating all of the beans and chips on his plate that way.  Lay a chip flat, scoop with a fork, place beans on chip, put fork down, pick up chip, eat and repeat!

Mom and ‘the kids’ (Caroline & Quinn, who are no longer ‘kids’, but will always be ‘the kids’ to me) went peach and blueberry picking the other day at a local farm (Buffalo Creek Berry Farm) in Lexington. Came back with the BEST peaches I’ve ever had. Yesterday I ate 4 all by myself! I’m going to have to go back myself and get some. I think that would be so much fun!!!

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