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September 15, 2010

jordan {senior} — sneak peek

Jordan.  What do I have to say about Jordan?  Well, Jordan has been part of my life for quite some time.  She showed up at church, to be part of Jeremy’s youth group, when she was about 11.  With super long hair and a super big attitude.  Her hair got shorter and shorter and the attitude, well I want to say it got smaller as the years went by, but I’m not sure it did 😉  However, we became friends through the youth group and Caroline.

Today, Jordan lives in Athens and attends Gainesville College.  She’s a horse lover, with a huge, beautiful horse of her own, called Maverick.  She tells me that we’re going to photograph him this fall, sometime around when Baby is supposed to arrive!  We’ll see about that 😉  Not that I don’t want to; he’s a beautiful horse and as you can see, she’s a beautiful girl.  What more can you ask for?

Nancy, Jordan’s mom, has been begging us to take these photos for months.  Between Jordan’s traveling, her school schedule and her aversion to early mornings and hot afternoons, it took us at least two months to find the ‘perfect’ time to take these beautiful images. But we finally did and I’m so glad 🙂

Isn’t she adorable?

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