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November 4, 2010

jamie & griffin {engagement}

Have you heard??  Jamie and Griffin have moved their wedding date from May 2011 to November 14, 2010!!  Isn’t that fun?  I have to admit that it was sorta my fault (well, me and mom!).  As we were planning their May wedding we were all sitting around saying how sad it was that it would be too hot to have a fire (in May) and because of the potential heat, we didn’t know when to have the ceremony.  Jamie and Griffin would have planned to get married in October of this year if I hadn’t been pregnant and due in the middle of the month, so May seemed to be their next best option.  But Mom and I talked them into November and here we are, 9 days away! 

As soon as we changed the date, we made plans for an engagement session.  We needed to make sure it was before Baby was born and early enough to give ourselves enough time to make a really cool engagement session sign-in book!  

Because of the short notice, quick session, I ended up shooting this one all by myself (well, I had company in the form of Mom, Henry and Quinn, but no second shooter); I wish Logan or/and Caroline could have made it ;-(  But I like the images!!  Take a peek – see what you think!

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