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March 21, 2011

red dress boutique {fashion shoot}

Watch out Athens Fashion – SWP is branching out! We had a great time with the Red Dress Boutique Spring Fashion Shoot, and can’t wait to plan the next one! 
Thanks to Diana Harbour, a SWP client and the owner of Red Dress Boutique (downtown Athens), for brainstorming this great project!  Diana wanted to show off her gorgeous new fashion with a Spring Lookbook and asked SWP to shoot the images and design the book.  Placed in the creative hands of Caroline and Logan, we planned the Red Dress Spring Fashion Shoot! Tucker Plantation, a rustic, ranch, wedding venue in Colbert, GA, was so lovely to agree to let us use their facilities for the shoot. And, Andrea Minter, of Mint Hair Boutique, agreed to do hair and make-up (which was beautiful)! Caroline went to the Plantation several times and found the best locations for each outfit set and helped organize the clothing with Diana. It seemed we were all set.
However, rain threatened us the entire week before the shoot. Everyone was checking every few hours! It went from an 80% chance of rain, to a 30%, then back to 80%. What were we going to do?! Caroline decided that we would just shoot indoors in the beautiful event barn if it did rain all day. We got there, set-up lights and began shooting indoors. About two hours into the shoot, the rain stopped and the sun came out. From inside, we thought, oh wow, it’s so nice outside! And while it was gorgeous, it was not what you would call nice. The wind was intense, and though the sun was warm, it was not a warm day. Caroline, Logan and Sara were wearing two jackets and jeans and boots while the amazing models were in nothing but dresses! They were so cooperative and brave against the elements, and we can’t thank you enough, girls! It’s not easy to be freezing cold and look beautiful with three cameras pointed at you, but gosh, they do look beautiful! They made it so easy for Logan to direct the posing for almost every image!
We came home with SO many images. Thousands, to be exact. Caroline got to work on selecting favorites, editing and designing the Lookbook! And now, without further ado, we would like to present to you the first Red Dress Boutique Lookbook!! 
Date:  March 6, 2011 • Location:  Tucker Plantation, Colbert, GA  •  Fashion:  Red Dress Boutique Spring Selection  •  Models:  Lindsay, Ansley, Cassie, Destiny  •  Hair/Make-up:  Andrea Minter, Mint Hair Boutique, Athens, GA  •  Shoot Stylist:  Caroline Potterf, SWP  •  Choreographer/Model Director:  Logan Potterf, SWP   •  Photographers: Logan, Sara & Caroline


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