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May 25, 2011

Photo Booths – the how and the why

Over the last few years, I’ve watched as my fellow photographer’s have set up and created business around a ‘Photo Booth’.  There are a few different types of Photo Booths. Some that you get inside – check out Athens Photo Booth, created by my local friends (as well as videographer’s), Annie & Roger Cheatham.  There are the type of Photo Booths that instantly spit out a photo (or two or three) for you and your guests to take home;check out a SmileBooth. And then there are the type of Photo Booths that I can set up.  A backdrop, a camera and a few props 🙂

A major benefit to having a photo booth of any kind is that you provide a space for people to be silly.  And they absolutely love it!  

And who doesn’t want to be silly?  All of the photos were totally posed by the guests themselves – no help from Logan!

Watching this group of people take turns having fun with the Bride & Groom was just delightful! 

Adorable, huh?  While Logan shot these photos, I shot the rest of the reception. Later, as I went through the photos, I totally enjoyed seeing all of the silly poses and groups!

If you might be interested in having a SWP-style Photo Booth, be sure to let us know!

*All images courtesy of Jean & Will’s wedding!  

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