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February 1, 2012


Greetings! I have been working, working, and working some more! The type of working has varied; a little work on the house, a lot of work on the Bridal Show (more info above) and a little work on me. 

Everytime I sit down with my phone or iPad to catch up on my blog readings, I notice that my favorite bloggers have disappeared and it makes me a bit sad. I love reading whatever my favorite bloggers have to say. Most of the bloggers haven’t updated their blogs in a really long time. And when they do post, they just post pics or a “quick update”. And while I TOTALLY understand why they aren’t posting more often, as a reader, I’m often disapointed to see that the last post from last month is all that is there for me to view. So, as a blogger myself, I’ve given the whole blogging thing a lot of thought. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to blog. I want to be a blogger.  So, I have to make it a priority to have content for my readers to read.  One of my new favorite blogs (inbedwithsue), is written exactly as you would talk and with very little punctuation. And while it’s not the easiest blog to read, I enjoy it. And you know why? Because she has interesting, informative things to say.  And here’s the kicker she posts at LEAST two-three times a week.  And the posts aren’t all ways 25 gorgeous photos.  

I don’t plan to discontinue posting photos – not at all – I just feel like putting 25 images up without anything to go with it, isn’t very fun for the reader.  I know that blogging 3 times a week will be challanging for me.  I know that I will feel like I have twenty-five million other things that should be finished, but I want to make it happen.

If, after all this time, you are still reading my blog, leave me some feedback about what you’d like to read and see.  I’m thinking a bit of cooking/kids, photography videos/faq’s, photos from recent sessions and weddings, and maybe just my thoughts.

I’m going to make a big book of images from 2011, and as I’ve been going through them, I’ve found many that I’ve completely forgotten about!  Here are few silly pics from the hottest part of August:


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