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February 8, 2012

Dear Lucy.

You are killer, dear Baby Monster.  (Daddy and Henry coined you the Baby Monster when you were just a wee thing and they still like to call you that.)  I follow you around all day not believing my eyes or ears.  You are tough and spunky.  You are so freakin’ adorable.  You have to have everything that Henry touches.  Everything.  You have to do whatever Henry does.  And, I mean everything.

You, Lucy-girl, are 15 months old (really, almost 16 months!) and I’m pretty sure you think you’re about 4.  Definitely older than Henry 🙂  

Those molars that you’ve been working on for the last few months have finally come in!!  Oh, it’s so nice to know you’ll get a small break from teething!!  You didn’t get your teeth as fast as Henry and I want it to be known that you did it the right way!  Yay for teething late-ish!

It’s so hard not to compare kids, because whoever gets to be the first, they sort of set things up in your mind about how you’ll react to things.  For example, when Henry little (and still today), if you needed to wash his hair and a speck of water got near an eyeball, he would scream bloody murder.  And, Lucy, you just let the water roll down your face and smile at us.  Every single time I wash your hair, I am simply amazed that you just don’t care if water gets in your eyes or on your face!  Henry loves to splash and make a big mess (somehow he’s ok with getting his own face wet), and in the process splashes you — you laugh a deep belly laugh and splash yourself.

Henry hated to fall down when walking.  If he so much as hesitated in his footing, he was upset.  When you fall, which isn’t that often, you just roll over and get up.  But since I’ve been ‘trained’, I’m always right there to make sure you’re ok 🙂  Sometimes, I think you wonder why I’m there to help you up; you’re always fine!

You’re not really shy, but you like to pretend you are when you meet someone new.  You like to hold on to my leg or hug my neck.  My favorite part about the act is that you just look down and away from whoever is talking to you.  Like you think if you don’t see them, they won’t see you — so freakin’ cute!

You and Henry just love to wrestle.  The second Daddy and I think that Henry’s being too rough, that’s when you’re laughing your head off.  

You love to swing.  You love yogurt and avocados.  You love to walk into the road and upstairs — both very naughty things to do!  You love the sand and dirt.  You love shoes.  No joke, you’ll tell us which pair you’d like to wear.  

You really don’t say a single word.  We get a lot of ‘uh, uh’s’ and ‘ma’s’.  Screams and laughs 😉  There is no one that doesn’t know what you want when you want it — you certainly don’t need words!

Just as I couldn’t remember life without Henry, none of us can imagine what life would be like with out you.  Pretty darn boring, I should say! 

I’ve been snapping a lot of images with my phone, which I need to stop doing so much, and pick up my ‘real’ camera.  But I do have a few cute snap shots from morning a few weeks ago 🙂


As you can see here, you are a very good feed yourselfer!

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