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March 2, 2012



After reading this article and the article that is linked, I feel I must try Evernote.  I’ve had the app installed on my iMac, my iPad, and my iPhone forever.  I have an account.  I have (had) 3 notebooks, and 5 notes for at least 2 years.  And no idea how to use it or organize anything with it.  I read this article by Photography Concentrate a few weeks ago, and since I love the couple over at Photography Concentrate, I *almost* looked into it again then.

I’ve tried at least 5 other apps for list making and organization and after a couple of days with each new app I go back to a piece of paper.  However, there are many times when I am far, far away from my paper and I have a thought that needs to be immediately added to my to-do list or an awesome idea that I should market or put more thought into, and since I ALWAYS have my phone (or the iPad) handy, I think I would greatly benefit from using Evernote.  

Do you use Evernote?  How do you use it?  Has it completely changed your life?  Are you more organized with it?

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