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May 25, 2012

Henry’s balance bike

Henry’s 4th birthday was May 8th.  On May 5th I realized that J and I hadn’t really thought about a birthday gift for him.  That thought came and went.  The next day I was playing with the kids and it hit me; I should get him a balance bike!

Mom had told me all about them when Henry was still a baby.  The only balance bikes that we’d seen were wooden and in the price range of $175-$250, and since Henry wasn’t a very adventurous kid, I didn’t think it was a wise purchase.  However, he’s much more willing to try things these days, so I went to Amazon and searched for a balance bike.  The first bike that popped up is the one I ended up purchasing.  There were 500+ reviews and *most* of them were rated 5 stars.  I read through many, many reviews and everyone said that this bike was just perfect for a beginner rider, regardless of age.  

So, I picked a color and bought it!  The morning of his birthday, J and I screwed the handlebars on and installed the seat, wrapped it up in a sheet and sent him outside to open it 🙂  We walked together down the street, Henry just a little unsure about how this bike could possibly be any fun, but since I was so excited about it he was too.  As the days went by, we walked/he biked on each of our walks.  It has been utterly amazing to see how quickly he’s learned to balance and ride the bike!  He zooms down our little hills and spins in circle around us as we pull Lucy in the wagon.  For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been hoping to blog about the bike, so yesterday morning I brought my big camera and took photos.

Lucy chose her hat; its last year’s hat and a tab too small 🙂  She only sits still in the wagon if she’s got something to eat and drink, so she’s armed with oranges, cheese and goldfish…  Henry is prepared for anything!  He’s got a kitchen towel to mop up sweat, his backpack carries sunscreen, a first-aid kit (bandaids, wipes & antibiotic cream) and a flashlight.

This is a demonstration of his favorite ‘trick’!

The bike can be used in the grass, on gravel, in your house.  Henry has gotten so good at staying on the curb and driving through ditches (don’t ask why that’s fun – I have no idea!)  It’s also super light; only 7lbs and it’s really easy to carry if he gets tired and wants to ride in the wagon.  The bike is meant for children as young as 18 months, so as soon as Henry gets the balancing act down, I’ll get him a pedal bike and pass this one onto Lucy 🙂

If you want to purchase one here’s the link: PreStrider Balance Bike  And if anyone would like to see the one we have, just let me know!


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