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November 30, 2012

Lindsay & Justin {engaged!}

I often find myself dreading the Georgia State Botanical Gardens.  It’s just over-used and I always scrunch my nose and think, there has to be somewhere else to shoot!  But then I shake myself and I say, no, you like a challenge.  Go the Botanical Gardens and find new places to shoot.  Practice finding pretty light in unused places.  See what you haven’t seen before.  Dare yourself to go NO WHERE near the places you’ve shot before.
And when I do that, I always find myself happy to be there.  Happy to think outside of the box and happy to create special photos for the clients in front of me.  Because I haven’t taken pictures of Lindsay and Justin at the Botanical Gardens before.  And because of that, I will create something new.  If it isn’t 100% new to me, it is certainly 100% new to them.  Most people don’t get professional photos taken often, so it’s not about the location.  It’s about being photographed together, being photographed and loving the images you get back.  And being as comfortable as possible in front of a camera.

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