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June 17, 2013

Sarah & Clayton {married}

May 4, 2013 will go down in history as the coldest, wettest, windiest May 4th ever.  I shot a wedding in January; wore a dress and boots and wasn’t the slightest bit cold as we shot in the rain.  I wore a sweater, warm pants, boots and my fully lined trench coat almost the entire time I shot Sarah and Clayton’s wedding.  And you know what?  They rocked their wedding day in the rain.  No complaints.  No whining that the weather ruined their day.  No sad faces or attitudes about how much the weather sucked. Because it really did suck.  The wind blew the rain sideways and all the beautiful scenery that we should have been able to use for amazing photos, was grey and wet and muddy and down-right miserable.  But you know what?  Sarah and Clayton just smiled and took pictures in the rain and wind.  And they didn’t just smile, they were happy.  They were getting married and they knew that’s all that mattered 🙂 


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