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July 6, 2013

Mollie & Sean {wedding}

I remember very clearly the day that Mollie called me the first time.  I was driving to Athens (from Hartwell) and I had the kids with me.  My phone rang, and I answered without thinking.  My kids don’t like the car and I’m sure that Lucy was fussing and Henry was carrying on about something and I probably shouldn’t have answered.  But I was so, so glad I did.  Mollie’s first question to me was, “Are you available for May 25th, 2013?”  And, then, “If you are, I want you to be my photographer”.  Nothing makes my day quicker than someone that wants to work with me before they meet with me, before they know how much it’s going to cost, before they even talk with me, they know they want me to be at their wedding.  I met with Mollie and her mom, Cathy, the next week and we made big plans about what the wedding was going to be like and where it was and how beautiful everything was going be.  And you know what?  Mollie and Cathy and their team of experts and friends made Mollie and Sean’s day amazing.
I might have went a bit overboard choosing photos for this post.  They were all so freakin’ good, that I couldn’t help myself!  

See what I mean?  Gorgeous day 🙂

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