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July 20, 2013

Candace & Michael {wedding}

So, I’m making breakfast the morning of June 1st, and I get a phone call from Jeremy Patat, my very long time friend who is also a photographer.  I answer the phone with “Hi! Why are you calling me at 8:30 in the morning?”  because an early morning call is extremely unusual.  Jeremy had called to tell me that he’d been in a fight with his cat in the wee hours of the morning and his hands had been bitten through and were throbbing.  He wondered, did I have a wedding?  Was I busy?  Because he had a wedding and he wasn’t really sure he could hold his camera with his bleeding, swollen, bitten hands.  Lucky for Candace and Michael (and Jeremy), I did not have a wedding and I was able to drop my one-free-Saturday plans and head out the door to their wedding.
It was a beautiful day and the amount of work that Candace and Michael invested in DYI projects for their wedding was amazing.  I couldn’t leave out all the cuteness, so as you scroll through, keep in mind that Candace did most of the details herself with only the help of Lynn, the owner of that beautiful house and yard where the wedding took place.

I have to admit that I’m pretty happy Jeremy got in a fight with his cat in the middle of the night, because otherwise I wouldn’t have met Candace and Michael.  I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to photograph such an adorable wedding and I wouldn’t have met Candace’s sister, Amanda, who is going to intern/apprentice with me.

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