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August 12, 2013

Mollie {bridals}

For years, when I was first shooting, bridal portraits were very popular.  Most mother-of-the-bride’s wanted a portrait to hang in the house and one to put at the reception.  We would schedule a session a few months before the big day, the bride would get all dressed up, do her hair and make-up and we’d shoot for an hour or so.  Then, all of the sudden, no one wanted a bridal session.  I’m not really sure what changed their minds; maybe money?  Maybe someone’s friend didn’t have one, maybe it was just the brides I was working with.
But, lately I’ve been shooting them with about 1/2 of the weddings I book.  And they are SO much fun!  I also encourage them because a bridal session is a great way to do a trial run in your dress.  You can sorta get an idea about how well your dress fits, how uncomfortable your shoes are, if your flowers are too heavy or maybe you think you’ll love your hair up, then you see photos and decide you’d rather wear your hair down…

Mollie  decided to wear her hair down on her wedding day after seeing her bridal session photos.  See her wedding photos here.  Both ways is beautiful, if you ask me!!  Take a peek 🙂

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