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September 1, 2013

Matilda + Family {9 month}

I know I’ve said it before, but I just love getting to see a family 3-4 times a year when they schedule/purchase a Baby Bundle.  So. Much. Fun.  Jenna, Mack, Heston and Matilda are just so comfortable with me and the whole process of photos that it really takes away some of the nerves and stress of a photoshoot.  The kids play and know whats happening, so they are usually happy to cooperate.
This post is a little late; I shot it smack dab in the middle of wedding madness and so I’m just now getting it to the blog.  But, it’s still totally adorable and you should scroll down and take a look!  I shot Heston’s Baby Bundle too, so Jenna and I are running out of cool places to take photos.  On a whim, I thought, let’s see if Hotel Indigo would mind if we used there back patio and the lobby for some cool shots.  And  they totally didn’t mind; in fact, they went of their way to be help us and make sure we were comfortable.  AND, they let us go down to the Rialto Room and Lobby where that awesome purple chair lives.  I totally want to go back and use it again!

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