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Maternity Session

September 17, 2013

Mary & Jarred {mini maternity}

You probably remember my post about my Baby Bundles, right? How I suggest you schedule a maternity session, a newborn session, a 4 month session, a 8 month session and a 12 month session?  Well, as someone that has been pregnant 3 times, I know how it feels to NOT want to deal with a maternity session.  How you’d much rather just forget that by the time you’re 35 weeks pregnant you can’t see your feet and your so. very. tired of all your maternity clothes that you’d rather do anything than try to get ready for photos.  And, what are you going to do with maternity photos, you wonder?  Is it really worth the time and trouble (and money)?  Well, in my opinion, maternity images are worth some time and trouble.  Being pregnant is funny; while you’re pregnant you can’t possibly imagine that you’ll have a “normal” body back any time in the some-what-near future and you also know that you’ll have a baby, right?  And we all know that baby certainly isn’t going to stay inside you forever, but after you have the baby, it’s really, really hard to remember what you looked like.  And to be completely honest with you, I don’t really care to remember exactly what I looked like 🙂  However, now that I have kids that talk, I’ve learned that the kids really, really like to see what mommy looked like when said kid was inside mommy’s belly.  I have a few photos of myself from all of my pregnancies and both big kids really like them.  SO, my solution to this not really wanting to take photos and the fact that I know you’ll like them later, is to offer you a FREE mini maternity session when you book a Baby Bundle!
Mary and Jarred are expecting their first baby sometime this week/next week and we met Friday evening to take photos for a few minutes and chat about anything and everything.  I’m totally looking forward to working with them and I can’t wait to meet their Harrison whenever he plans to arrive!

I live really close to Ike and Jane’s and I knew that they close everyday at 5, so I figured I would easily use their cool wall for some photos and we could sit at there adorable tables and chat for a bit.  However, when I drove there were cars surrounding the building, like it was lunch time on a spring day.  Whatever.  I’m always telling people that you don’t need a lot of space to make cool images, so we just ignored all the parked cars and made cool images 🙂

You’d never know I was shooting between two cars the whole time, huh?  I just LOVE that last shot 🙂  So, for anyone that is on the fence about maternity images, know that you can have some without too much fuss!  Just about 20 minutes and one simple outfit…


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