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Product Spotlight, Weddings

April 2, 2014

Product Spotlight: Online Gallery

Hello!  Welcome to another post about products I sell or use!
This one is all about the online gallery I use for wedding images.  Each wedding shot by SWP is given 1 YR’s access to all of their wedding images via PASS.  PASS is a really awesome way for photographers to share with their images with their bride & grooms.  It is an online gallery, as well as a tool for you to download your images and easily share them with family and friends.  The gallery also gives you the option to create favorites folders that can be shared with me, so that I know what images you’d like in an album.  You (or friends/family) can also order prints directly from your gallery, at really reasonable prices, from a professional lab.  Oh, and another cool feature is that PASS has an app!  You can carry your wedding with you on your phone or iPad to show everyone!

When I’m completely finished culling, editing and blogging your wedding, I will upload your wedding day images into your online gallery via PASS.  Here’s a screen shot of what a gallery looks like:


It’s a lovely Pinterest-style layout and it automatically loads images at the end as you scroll through.  If you’d like to look at an image larger, just click on it:


When I upload the images into the gallery, I also separate the images into categories so  that it’s easy for someone to find a picture they might be looking for.  Nothing worse than having to sift through hundreds of images to find the one you are looking for!


I try to make a folder of my favorite images so that guests can quickly (and easily) see an overview of the day.

Notice the easy to access “Download All” button above?  Just click it and all of the images that are in the gallery will download to your computer (or phone/iPad).  You can also download just images one by one, so if you just want to use an image for your phone screen, you don’t have to download them all or add them to your computer and upload just one via iTunes.

I mentioned above that you get 1YR’s worth of this gallery — at the end of your year, you (and I) will get an email from PASS asking if we’d like to renew our gallery for an additional $29 per year.  I won’t renew, because I have your wedding images in another, safe, long-term online host, but if you’d like the benefit of using PASS for another year or two, please feel free to pay the additional fee.

This is the screen shot of my iPhone, viewing a different  gallery:

PASS004I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have on PASS!

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