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April 11, 2014

Another one bites the dust…

I know I’ve written about this before, but here I go again…
Back up your computer. Back up your photos, your documents and anything else you’d be sad, frustrated or irritated to lose if your computers hard drive fails.

I bought my current computer in July of 2013, so it’s not old. Not old at all. I put my client (and personal) images on external hard drives and have a backup of that external hard drive. All JPEG versions of my work are also stored online. So, my computer’s 3TB hard drive wasn’t very full. But it crashed the other day. Just out of the blue, with no warning signs, it crashed. If my stuff wasn’t already backed up, I wouldn’t have had time to back things up. I wouldn’t have a copy of my Lightroom catalog, of my documents or my iPhone photos. But I use Time Machine and back up everything frequently, so all is safe 🙂 But losing a computer for a week is a major INCONVENIENCE.

I got to work about 3 hours this week on photos, which is NOT ENOUGH and very frustrating. I have two weddings, a birth and about 6 sessions that need attention. But, without a working hard drive, I can not use the computer! It’s currently sitting at PeachMac waiting for a new hard drive and I’m sitting at home waiting to recover from a 9 day struggle with a sinus infection.

To all my clients that are waiting to see a preview or a long blog post or just schedule a time to see proofs, I’m sorry about the delay! I will do my best to get things back to normal next week!

20140411-145949.jpg kiddos at Ike and Jane’s 🙂

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