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February 10, 2015

Sara + Logan Weddings

Maybe you received an email, maybe you heard from a friend, maybe I explained the whole thing in person.  But in case you haven’t heard at all, I wanted to make an official post about my new wedding venture.

Everyone knows that my brother, Logan, has been 2nd shooting weddings with me for the last several years, right?  He’s super talented and wonderful to work with.  BUT because he’s super talented and wonderful to work with, he was booking weddings on his own and 2nd shooting with a few different photographers (in addition to me), so as I was booking weddings, my clients assumed that Logan would be my 2nd shooter (normal assumption), but since he was doing so much other work for himself and other photographers, I wasn’t able to promise him and his lovely work to my clients.

Our solution: start a weddings-only business together!  We brainstormed for a few months and officially began the new business process in November of ’14.  Our new website launched at the Athens Wedding Professionals Ultimate Bridal Show at the end of January and we are so excited by the lovely response we’ve gotten!!  Since our business launch of Jan 1, 2015, we’ve booked 4 weddings for this year and are currently working with a few couples in the decision making process!

Our new business is called Sara + Logan Weddings and you can find our website and blogat

Sara Wise Photography will no longer book weddings, but will continue to work with new parents, families and kids!S+L_Logo_250x250

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