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November 3, 2015

Why is it so hard to title a post?

athens children photos
I’ve been blogging on and off for more than 7 years and everytime I go to make a post, I sit and stare at the Title box and wondering what is the most appropriate thing to title my next set of images.

I usually go for easy and use the first names of my subjects, but how many posts can I have titled “Henry, Lucy and Wren”?

This post features my little ones.  Again.  Saturday morning I bribed them to get in front of my camera with a lollipop.  Then, at the first mention of said lollipop, Wren went crazy to actually eat a lollipop, so I had to get creative and find a spot on her body to hide the lollipop while we took the photos.   It’s hiding in the waist band of her tights so that the camera couldn’t see it and she was still technically “holding” it.

I’ve always shot with a 50mm lens and I’ve always loved it for its versatility and normalcy.  It is has been and might always be my go-to lens.  One of the biggest pros is that it gives me the ability to be within talking distance of my clients, keeps them looking normal (no distortion) and it is fast to focus on what I want it to focus on.  But, lately, I’ve really loving the 35mm lens.  Maybe it’s just my constant need to learn and improve something and I’ve always felt as though I wasn’t very good at shooting with the 35mm lens.  At each session, both personal and professional, I’ve made an effort to put the 35mm lens on my camera and use it for a bit.  To get better with it and to learn how it’s best used in different situations.

As I went through the images of the kids, I noticed that the photos that looked the most like the kids were the ones that I had shot with the 35mm lens.  I’m not sure why and I’m interested in the reason. Is it because I always see the kids so close to my own face that the images shot with the 35mm lens makes the kids look more like I see them in real life?  Or is it that I just captured the kids best in that particular moment and the lens I just happened to be using was the 35mm?

These are my favorites of the kids all shot with the 35mm…

athens children photosathens children photos

I have no idea why Henry needed to have the bush trimmers in his photos, but…

athens children photosathens children photos

I had one rule when dressing the kids that morning.  You must look like yourselves.

Wren loves this dress, those boots, and while she wanted to wear pink tights, I drew line there and insisted she wear purple tights 😉  Lucy LOVES that “owl shirt” that she has on.  She wears it almost everyday and only lets me wash it at night.  She brings it back and forth between my house and Jeremy’s house and it goes with any number of pants.  Although, she will wear the Owl Shirt with many different bottoms, she loves these jeans that Aurie handed down to her.  Henry didn’t have a huge opinion on his clothing, but the hat was a must.  A month or so ago, we went shopping at Old Navy for a couple of pairs of new pants and he came across this hat and HAD to have it.  He wears it to school almost everyday!


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