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March 21, 2019

Hall Family // Regular Session // Athens, GA

My jaw started hurting, completely out of the blue, a couple of summers ago. I spent several days just taking ibuprofen and holding my jaw. I figured it was probably a tooth that needed to be seen, but I was lazy about making an appt. I really thought the pain would just go away as suddenly as it had started. Wellllll…. I was very wrong. One morning I woke up and it felt weird to swallow and I asked the facebook hive what I should do and I was immediately told to go the ER. I was like, WHAT?, I can’t go to the ER, I am on my way to a session and I had a WEDDING to shoot later that day. But one of the friends that had commented, had been a dental hygienist for 20 years and she was very serious about the danger of not going to the ER. A different friend suggested I call Dr. Hall and see if he could help me. Because of the wedding I was supposed to shoot, I thought I should start with a dentist, so I called Dr. Hall (I was not a patient at the time) on his cell phone on a SATURDAY and he answered and asked me a bunch of questions. Said that I was saying really scary things and that I should meet him at his office ASAP. I was in disbelief. I wasn’t in that much pain, so how could this jaw ache be such a big deal??

After the session downtown, I drove over to meet Dr. Hall. He took a look at my mouth, gave me a panoramic x-ray and sadly told me that I would have to go to the ER. There was definite infection in a tooth and if not treated properly, I could DIE. Again, WHAT?! Needless to say, I went to the ER. 😉

Ya’ll, I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Hall and his office and staff. Since all of that happened, I’ve had a lot of dental work done (root canal, crown, two pulled wisdom teeth, and a couple of fillings) and I always leave with a numb mouth and a huge smile on my face. Dr. Hall is super professional and highly entertaining. His staff is lovely and always on top of things.

When Kim, his wife (and business partner), asked me to take family photos for them, I was delighted. Like, for real, so excited! We met up last weekend to take some photos with the beautiful cherry blossoms and tulips at the Botanical Gardens.


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