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December 1, 2019

Downtown Athens // My Kiddos

We dropped Henry off at Boy Scouts and instead of driving home, waiting for 20 minutes and getting back in the car to pick him up, we took advantage of a beautiful day and wandered around downtown Athens.

John is just a little car obsessed and is always spotting cars that I know nothing about. He tries to educate me, but the info doesn’t stick, so I have no idea what kind of car Wren is standing in front of in that picture above, but it’s a rare one. Also, none of the other kids would humor him for a photo in front of it.

Do you have climbers? Everywhere we go, they climb….

We took the elevators up to the almost-top of the old parking deck on College. They don’t let you visit the very top, in case you have plans to kill yourself, but the view from the floor below the top is pretty decent and none of the kids had been up there before.

The girls begged to take the stairs down, so we put John and JM in the elevator (John’s leg isn’t up to 5 flights of stairs) and I watched the girls race down the steps. Watching kids run on concrete or race down concrete stairs gives me a heart attack, but I didn’t say anything, just took some photos 🙂

Before we knew it, an hour had gone by and it was time to get Henry. But they weren’t done playing…

After picking up Henry, I parked the car in the North Deck and since we’d already seen the view from the College Ave parking deck, we went up the top of the North Deck to see what we could see. We saw the moon and had to take more photos of it!

Wren is always game to take photos – both with a camera or in front of the camera <3

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