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November 30, 2020

Griffin // 6 Month Baby Bundle Session // Memorial Park, Athens GA

Most baby bundle sessions are around an hour – it’s about the longest any baby will tolerate photos and it gives us plenty of time to move at an easy pace and from one location to the next.

This session, though, was about 18 minutes long. Griffin was not having it. He was teething and was having an off day and nothing we did entertained him. This is totally normal. This happens to everyone and it doesn’t bother me in the least. A fussy baby doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent, it doesn’t mean you won’t get good photos (just keep scrolling!). It just means that you have a fussy baby and we have to work quick!

Don’t you just love how Memorial Park can look like a completely different state? I love that it’s got a water feature and some trees that aren’t like all the rest in Athens.

Want to see Griffin’s newborn session? Click here!

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