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October 6, 2020

Katie + Cody // Private Venue // Danielsville, GA

We’re going to be talking about “covid weddings” for the next decade, but since I’m the sorta person that looks for silver linings wherever I can, I think I can say that the small, intimate weddings are a definite silver lining.

Katie and Cody were going to be married on a Saturday at Brasstown Valley Resort, but as their wedding date got closer, they realized that having a large-ish wedding was still not a good idea. So…they downsized their event and hosted it at completely outside at Katie’s parent’s house. AND, the best part? They got to pick their anniversary date! Both of their parents got married on Oct 1 (of different years) and because of their decision to move the event, they decided to get married on Oct 1, too!

Oct 1 was the absolute perfect day, weather-wise. Breezy and warm with cool light and bright sunshine, which made taking beautiful photos soooo easy and lovely!

I feel like I’ve gone a little overboard with sheer number of images that I’ve posted, but goodness, we took so many good ones!

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