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May 1, 2020

New Website is Here!

I’ve talked about this in various places over the last year, but for history’s sake, I want to take a minute to recap the journey from SWP to Evermore Photo Co and the new website and brand.

I had been struggling with my identity/name and the name of my business, Sara Wise Photography (SWP) for a few years. When I remarried and my last name changed, but my business name stayed the same, I felt like I was confusing people. But I didn’t know how to fix the problem. I did not want my business name to change to my new married name and I wanted the name and brand to reflect a thoughtful business identity that multiple photographers could shoot for or I could sell in the future.

I am not a branding expert and I decided that after 16 years in business, it was time to hire one. But the branding expert also had to be willing to help me re-name this business, too, because I was coming up with nothing on my own. I asked around, googled website designers and interviewed a few people in-person and/or over the phone. No one wanted to help me come up with a new name. So I just kept working and hoping that something would come up.

One day, in early Jan. 2020, I was frustrated with how long things were taking and how slow the process was going. So I randomly started searching for web designers again. This time I started with designers that were Showit certified, as I wanted to switch and I figured it would be a good idea if the designer I hired was fluent on this platform. That very day I fell in love with Anthem Creative Co and all the lovely work that Ann has created. I poured over her website, nervously sent her an inquiry, and tried to decide if my work was good enough to be featured in such a pretty way.

Long story short, Ann and I hit it off immediately, I hired her on the spot and get this – Ann was happy to help me rename my business! How lucky can a girl get?! We got started with the branding process asap; I answered a million questions, sent over photography and inspiration boards and before I knew it, Ann had translated my jumbled mess of thoughts, ideas and business practices into a brand. Then she named it. Still blows my mind! She came up with at least 20 different names and tag lines. All of them were creative, usable and different. In the end, I chose Evermore because I felt that it encompassed the long-lasting aspect of photography, was appealing to families and weddings, and was simple and to the point.

This brand and site is a compilation of years and years of hard work – improving my photography one session at a time, taking the time to be really clear about who I want to serve and how I can serve them best, and finally having the courage to hire someone that can take my work and existing brand and turn it into this.

Thanks, Ann, for making this possible 🥰

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