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May 6, 2023

Photos to Include in your Media Kit


  1. A headshot that looks and feel like you
    • You can (and should) have many headshots that you love, but your favorite image should look like you, feel like you and stay consistent across all of your social platforms. If you update one, update them all.
  2. working photos – at your desk, on the go, or on your phone
    • working photos are going to look different for each person, but think of the action behind what you do. These photos don’t need to include direct eye contact, but should tell a little story about how you create for your clients
  3. artsy/creative shots that tells a story about your business
    • these are the supporting cast of photos – use them to fill in gaps in your website, to add dimension to a PDF or any kind of marketing material. Again, these images will look different for each business/brand but can be created for anyone!
  4. BTS of you working
    • Behind the Scenes is a great way to show your audience what it’s like to work with you. It helps them get to know you and gives them a sneak peek at what to expect when they work with you
  5. full length photos of you, no eye contact
    • These images are best used in a supporting cast kinda way – use them to gain your clients’ trust by letting them see the person behind the brand! When you leave the eye contact out, you let the content included with the photo speak up!
  6. seasonal photos
    • Creating content that lives longer than one season is a great idea – wear clothes that can be used in multiple seasons (t-shirts for spring, summer and fall) or bring layers so you can add or subtract to reflect cooler or warmer weather. BONUS – think about the holidays and add in a little holiday flair if it makes sense!

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