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October 24, 2019

Singletary + Kids // Mini Session // Chase Park Warehouse

Caroline Singletary, known to me as Singletary, because my sister’s name is Caroline and I know about 10 other Carolines. So I call her Singletary and she’s one of my best friends.

She’s got 4 great kids and a lovely personality. Life has handed her an odd set of circumstances and she’s made the best of it. I’m sure life will continue to throw one odd punch/surprise after the other, but just as life will continue she will also continue to handle it with style and grace.

She called me up and asked if I could make time for a “quick mini session” of her and the kids. Duh, of course! We met at the Chase Park Warehouses and pretended it was warm (when it wasn’t) and I snapped 300+ photos in a mere 35 minutes. I got some good ones.

The funny thing about photo sessions is that you dread them. You worry about them. You buy clothes and shoes and get your hair fixed. Then you beg your kids not to roll in the dirt and ignore the fact that the weather isn’t exactly as you’d have ordered it. Then 35 minutes go by and you are so freakin’ glad it’s over.

But when those photos come back – you are so freakin’ glad you did it. Because those kids don’t stop growing just because your hair isn’t right or the weather didn’t cooperate. They keep on growing and the longer you put it off the bigger they get.

By this time next year, Emmanuelle won’t even look like this little girl. She’ll be 5 and a BIG girl. And don’t even get me started on how much 9-15 year olds change in a matter of months 😳 #itsshocking

Anyway, enjoy the photos!

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