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Greer {1 year}


I’m so sad that Greer’s baby bundle is over…  It’s been so nice to get to know Heidi and play with Greer every couple of months!  Greer and Wren are just a couple of weeks apart and it’s so cute to see the similarities in babies of the same age 🙂  Both babies were born […]

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Hair + Make-up? Professional or DIY?


If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE hair and make-up.  If you don’t know me and you just happened to run into me at the grocery store, you probably wouldn’t guess just how much I love hair and make-up just judging me on my outward, grocery-store appearance of a ponytail and […]

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Brandy & Reese {engaged!} – preview


I have a lot to say about these photos.  And a whole different post dedicated to it, but for now, here’s Brandy and Reese (again)!

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