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April 17, 2021

Teryn // In-Home Newborn Baby Bundle Session

These little details are so hard to remember. The tiny, tiny toes, the wrinkly hands and scrunchy noses. I’m here to tell you that those tiny feet turn into feet that kick soccer balls, stomp upstairs and jump on trampolines way before you’re ready for it. The wrinkly hands will be holding markers and building legos and letting go of your hand in just a few blinks. The scrunchy nose is here to stay, though, as they tell you everything you ever make for dinner isn’t right, how disgusting they find bath time or how it is absolutely not time for bed 😂😉

Teryn’s whole session took place in one chair (or on the floor) by one window in a dining room that had been converted into a playroom for her older brother. No need for a decorated nursery or a beautiful fully-made king size bed. Window-light and a chair will work just fine!

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