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May 27, 2021

Wire Park // Creative Challenge // Watkinsville, GA

I was invited to tour Wire Park!! It’s a massive old warehouse that is going to be turned into a mixed-use community. Spaces for store-fronts (larger businesses), the Oconee County Library, an outdoor courtyard with access to shops and restaurants. Common green space and condos and townhomes will be all situated within the mixed-use development. Lots more info via their website: WIRE PARK

I’m naturally pretty nosy, so when given the opportunity to learn more about how things that are going on at Wire Park, I was delighted! I was given a tour with 3 other photographers and a drone videographer and we all got to ask questions, take photos and learn about all the things they are in the process of building. Very cool!

Hopefully I will get to go back and tour the space again as more and more things are finished. The whole project will take a total of 3 -4 years to complete, but they are moving fast!

Scroll down to see some of my favorite images from my tour!

Mike is showing us the original vault that they left in the building. It’s full of old memorabilia from the old Anaconda Wire plant that lived in this space for 50 years.
This is the outdoor courtyard that will be surrounded by shops and restaurants!
Future home of the Oconee County Library! This space is MASSIVE!!
This bike is left over from the days of Anaconda Wire – workers used them to get from one end of the plant to the other quickly.

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