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December 6, 2019

Wreath Making // Gardenia Floral // Georgian Hall, Athens GA

Spending time just doing something for the fun of it is not something I do often. I make cookies pretty regularly because I like to make cookies. I peruse Pinterest for DIY home improvement projects and I paint walls whenever the list of work and parenting gets overwhelming and I just need to think and see change.

But doing something just to do it, isn’t something I feel like I can do often. For the last couple of years, I was invited via FB to a wreath-making class that my friends at Gardenia Floral were putting on and for one reason or another, I wasn’t able to go. But this year, I saw the invite and I just bought a ticket. I had so much fun making a wreath! And I’m enjoying said wreath on my kitchen wall 🙂

We started with this lovely bunch of greenery!
Amy joined me in the wreath-making fun!
I forgot to take photos of my wreath in progress, but the center photo above is my *almost* finished wreath.
My finished wreath!

Thanks, Laura + Brittnye for a delightful class!

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