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August 25, 2008

henry the 2nd and harper the 1st

So, Maggie and Deanne were pregnant right along with me. I would see them periodically at the coffee shop and we would trade stories about kicking feet and doctors and weight gain, and anything else we could come up with. Maggie had her Henry on May 12 and Deanne had Harper on May 23, and I had my Henry on May 8, so we’ve all got a May baby!
Maggie and Deanne have been friends since kindergarten or some other very long ago grade and amazingly, are still good friends! Very cool to have babies at the same time! Harper was even born on Maggie’s birthday!
Maggie scheduled this appointment about a month ago and we originally planned the session at 2pm! I know what you’re thinking – that we were crazy, that the babies must have taken all of our common sense, I mean who schedules an outdoor appointment in AUGUST at 2pm? No one, you say. So when we came to our senses, we made the appointment for 8:30 am, when our babies would be in good moods. Well, if you think your baby is going to do something, they often do the opposite. For example, I thought that my Henry would wake early, play, then nurse to sleep in time for me to shoot Henry the 2nd and Harper. {My Henry was going to come with me} Of course, that is not what Henry did. No, he woke LATE, played and decided to stay awake and fuss for the first part of our session. Henry the 2nd was asleep when we (Henry and I) got there, so Harper and family went first.
Oh, my train of thought was interrupted (imagine that!) and I forgot to conclude that the weather that morning was wet, windy and almost cold! Who woulda thought?
Aren’t they cute?

The wagon that the Henry is sitting in is very special. ¬†Harper’s great grandfather built it for his aunt when she was born…

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