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Newborn Session

September 9, 2008

my new friend Max

So everyone remembers my new friend, Amy, right? (if not, click here and check out her super fun maternity pics.)

When Amy and I got together to shoot her maternity pics, I kept telling her that it was ‘so important’ to take newborn pictures within the first 2 weeks. If you catch the babies when they are that young, they sleep most of the day (or so my friends kept telling me; Henry didn’t believe in sleeping!) and are still able fold up in a super cute little ball, so on and so on I went, telling her all about the importance of letting me come over to shoot before Max was ‘too old’.

She let come over on the two week mark. We made plans to meet at 8:30 AM, (which might sound early to you people without babies), so that Max would be fed and ready to SLEEP! And don’t ya just know that Max was WIDE AWAKE! And stayed wide awake! So I took awake pictures of Max. It wasn’t until he was fed and bounced that he finally went to sleep…

Once he went to sleep he let me move him about and wrap him up and take his diaper off and ‘position’ him just so! I just love the pics! Amy and Jason have the perfect house for shooting with natural light and I just loved what I was able to come up with.

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