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July 4, 2009

Casey {just because}

As I sat and edited these images, I thought about what I wanted to say.  Casey is my best friend.  My whole life I wanted a best friend; a kindred spirit.  Casey and I went to college together, but it wasn’t until we planned a trip to Cumberland Island a few years after we graduated, that we became fast friends.  I had found my kindred spirit.  Over the last few years we’ve taken many trips together, we’ve spent whole days doing nothing and yet had the best times, and we can talk on the phone for hours about anything and nothing.  When I found out I was pregnant, I was SO very worried that Casey and I would lose touch and we would have to stop doing things.  See, Casey isn’t a ‘baby person’.  I was so scared that Henry would change things so much that we’d no longer be able to take trips or go shopping or do nothing.  But, Casey didn’t let Henry change things.  And I am so grateful.  I would be so very sad to lose our friendship.  Instead, she came over whenever she could and she’d sit and talk with me as I sat and nursed Henry and she’d listen to me as I told her ‘baby things’ that she really had no interest in, and always, always, she’d take pictures.  I have the sweetest pictures of the everyday things because Casey made the effort to get the camera out of the bag.  As Henry got older, she would try holding him and talking to him.  Guess what, Casey?  Henry can RUN!  He’s all ready to have a new playmate!!  The games you guys can play are endless!

I know I’ve said it before, but taking pictures of the people you love most is really HARD.  We had this session on a super hot day that was rather stressful, so I’m really pleased with the outcome.  I can’t say that these images are ‘casey’ to me, but they are very beautiful photos of my very beautiful friend.

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