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July 3, 2009

Margaret & Mike {engagement}

 Ok.  So the day that we shot this rates as one of the HOTTEST days that I’ve ever shot on.  I mean, all you had to do was stand (or sit) and you broke out in a sweat.  The humidity was at 200% or something equally high and there was NO breeze.  It was borderline miserable.  Margaret and Mike were the best sports ever.  They did every crazy thing I asked them to do and all with out complaining about the sweat that was soaking through our clothes.

M&M are getting married on August 1; I’m totally looking forward to taking more pics of this super fun couple!  We started at the State Botanical Gardens in Athens.  I’ve had many sessions there (and a few weddings), but not in quite awhile.  I was excited to see what new locations I could find to shoot in.  

How beautiful are they?  Caroline edited these and I love to see the final product so happy and pretty!

Goodness, M is so gorgeous!

One of my favorites!

M&M had their first date a Waffle House, so we ended our session at the cutest Waffle House ever on Milledge Ave, in Athens.  Thankfully, there weren’t many people in it and they didn’t mind if we photographed inside.  You know how I mentioned that it was HOT?  Well, as we were leaving the botanical gardens, Margaret mentioned that she wanted a Diet Coke.  As they were changing, I ordered a Diet Coke for Margaret and a water, not knowing that Mike would want.  Margaret finished dressing first and was sitting at the table in front of the Diet Coke when Mike came back from the bathroom.  He looks at her and says ‘where’s mine’?  I was like, Oh, no, I’m sorry!  I ordered it; didn’t know you wanted one, too!  Turns out they are both ‘addicted’, as they put it, to Diet Coke.  We immediately ordered another drink 🙂  When it arrived, I couldn’t help but photograph it, seeing how it [the diet coke] was such a large part of their lives!

I had a blast, guys!  Can’t wait for the wedding!  Enjoy!

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